Sweep Picking

sweep pickingSweep picking is an advanced two-hand guitar technique, where three or more notes are played in quick succession, however not strummed together as with a chord. In guitar sweep picking

You will use one of several techniques for making each note sound†separately, rather than together.

Although voicing are limited in for sweep picking, the ease at which you can use the same fingering and sweep pattern elsewhere on the fretboard, makes it a very versatile technique to learn and use.

Because this technique is not just limited to arpeggios, there are instances when extra notes need to be played, which in theory, would need extra picking motions. Of course this is undesirable, because it interferes with the smooth, quick movements of sweeping.

Usually, these notes are played using hammer-ons and pull-offs. In fact, you can purposefully include these legato notes to further increase the complexity of arpeggios or scale passages, while still employing the basic economy of hand movements.

How to Stack Chords for Sweep Picking

As mentioned before, it is necessary to stack the notes in a chord correctly, so that your arpeggios and scales can be performed using sweep picking. The typical voicing that is used for arpeggios, in terms of the notes in the scale, are as follows:

ï Tonic
ï Mediant
ï Dominant
ï Tonic (1 octave higher than the first note)

The arpeggio is played in that order, ascending and descending, then the next one is played, or the entire sequence is repeated.

Good Songs to Learn:

A Tout Le Monde, Megadeth
Leper Messiah, Metallica
Bloodlust of the Human Condition, Unearth
Eugene's Trick Bag, Steve Vai
Beast and the Harlot, Avenged Sevenfold

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